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Exploring the magic of the 7th continent

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Three Wednesdays

April 17,24 & May 1

6:30 - 8:30

Course Fee: $48

Almonte Public Library

155 High Street



ANTARCTICA; those who venture there return changed, inspired and awakened and it has held explorers and mariners in it’s fascinating, icy grip for hundreds of years. In this celebratory examination of place, David Reid will give three, two hour sessions enhanced with film, stories, poetry and his own photographs collected from over 20 expeditions to the most unique and confounding destination in the world.

Session 1 will be an introduction, imparting facts about climate,the convergence and it’s significance, ice ( ie. did you know that 70% of all the fresh water on earth is in Antarctica?), ownership and governace, and of course the wildlife

Session 2 will look at discovery and the modern day adventurers, including the endless stream of scientist from all over the world . Who are they and what exactly are they doing down there…and to what end?

Session 3 , will look at Antarctic lore and an exploration of the future of this place and it’s significance to us all.

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Since moving from Scotland to Canada's Arctic over 25 years ago,David Reid has been involved in the Arctic expedition and travel business. In that time, he has travelled thousands of miles by dogsled, ski, snowmobile, kayak, ship, foot and became the first person to cross Baffin Island by fat tire bike.

In addition to guiding everyone from scientists to royalty David has been involved in many film and television projects such as National Geographic, BBC's Planet Earth and Billy Connolly's Flight of the Snow Goose.

His passion and enthusiasm for sharing stories  help people understand and 

appreciate how  precious our polar regions are.

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