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Instructor: Dr. Kelly Bronson

Hillside Reformed Presbyterian Church
273 Almonte Street


6 Tuesdays- 1:00 to 3:00pm

Jan. 16 -Feb. 20/2024

Course Fee: $90

Image Courtesy of Trevor Johnston is available for purchase at  

Course Details

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Even though we eat every day, most of us take for granted the social processes behind our meals and the way we prepare them, or, we throw up our hands in resignation in the face of too many conflicting interests trying to influence our decisions around food. Popular instructor Dr.Kelly Bronson returns for a wide ranging examination of food, from farm to fork. 

The six 2 hour classes over 6 weeks will explore the following topics:

Why Study Food

Exploring Power in the Food System, a conversation about coffee and chocolate

Thinking twice about Food and Health- Who's Responsible for the Obesity Epidemic?

Green to Gene "Revolutions"- Should we eat GMO's? 

Should We Eat Meat?

and finally, How you can help build a Sustainable Food System.

Dr. Kelly Bronson holds the Canada Research Chair in Science and Society in Sociology at The University of Ottawa with close affiliation to the Institute for Science and Society ( studies and intervenes in science-society tensions that erupt around technologies–GMOs, fracking, big data & AI—and their governance. She aims to bring community values into the conversation along with technological advances in order to have that wider perspective to inform decision making.

In addition to her work at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Bronson is also the author of " The Immaculate Conception of Data", and consults with government and a wide variety of private foundations. Her background as a social scientist is informed by degrees in biology and work as a lab scientist doing work in genetics/plant biology at Queens .

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