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Presenter: Expedition Leader David Reid

Saturday, March 18, 2023

3:00 to 5:00pm

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Cost: By Donation

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Almonte Public Library

155 High Street


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In March 1854, Orcadian explorer John Rae set out from Naujaat (Repulse Bay) in the central Canadian Arctic. Together with Inuk William Ouligbuck and Ojibway Thomas Mistegan, Rae discovered both the final link in the first navigable Northwest Passage and the catastrophe that had engulfed the failed Franklin expedition. In doing so, Rae completed one of the most significant expeditions in the history of Arctic exploration. 


In March 2019, the Arctic Return Expedition team set out from Naujaat on skis to retrace the 650km route taken by Rae and his companions. Rae’s success was due in great part to his willingness to learn from the Indigenous people of the region. He traveled with patience, humility, respect and honesty. The goal of the Arctic Return journey was to bring awareness, pay 

tribute to and honor John Rae; one of the greatest Arctic explorers of all time. An explorer too long in the shadows of history. 

Arctic Return expedition leader David Reid is delighted to take you on a journey of discovery, history and adventure. Join us in a celebration of Orcadian John Rae; an extraordinary and unique Arctic explorer. 

About David Reid

Since moving from Scotland to Canada's Arctic over 25 years ago, David Reid has been involved in the

Arctic expedition and travel business. In that time, he has travelled thousands of miles by dog

sled, ski, snowmobile, kayak, ship, foot and became the first person to cross Baffin Island by fat

tire bike. He has guided scientists and film makers, researchers and Royalty, movie stars and

thousands of individuals from around the world. He has completed numerous trips through the

Northwest Passage and to Churchill Manitoba, the polar bear capital of the world .

Over the years David has specialized in projects involving film and television, including BBC

Planet earth and Frozen Planet, Billy Connolly’s Flight of The Snow Goose, Netflix’ Our Planet, National

Geographic and the Suzuki Diaries.

He has a passion and enthusiasm for sharing stories that help people understand and

appreciate how unique and precious our polar regions are. David has been recognized by the

Explorers Club and has recently been made a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society

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