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   Community Gems Series

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Designing for Life

Friday, November 24,

While admission is by donation, Preregistration is Required

Mississippi Mills Public Library, Almonte Branch
155 High Street

In her 45 years as a business woman, a designer and a committed community member both globally and here at home, Paddye Mann has gained a profoundly philosophical understanding of what each of those roles require. Whether she verbalizes this or not, you come away from a conversation with Paddye knowing that this is a person living a life totally in alignment with her values which have become the core of her success.

A born storyteller, Paddye will entertain and inspire you with a wide ranging discussion including: what it means to run a successful business in a small town; what it  takes to create sustainability in the fashion industry; and how she redefines fashion for each and every customer by listening to who they are and how they want to be perceived. Although these seem like diverse issues it is more than evident that a respect for and delight in people are the common thread.

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Paddye Mann (RCA) was born and raised in Newfoundland. For over 30 years she has chosen to work with her talented long term team from the rural village of Pakenham, Ontario.

Her passion has always been to produce beautifully made, custom clothing – taking the time and care learned from her mentors in Newfoundland. This focus has earned Paddye and her company loyal clients, national awards and a fellowship in the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts.

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